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Become a member and develop confidence and understanding of property investment. Benefit from the knowledge and experience of our mentors, speakers and members and add value to your investment.

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As a member of Wellington PIA, you will receive discounts on insurance, plumbing, paint, hardware supplies, heat pumps, etc. The savings make it easier to provide quality homes while maintaining profitability.

On top of discounts, we have a monthly small group Fireside Meeting where you can talk to an experienced investor and ask any questions you may have about property investing, in a relaxed and informal environment.

Depending on your membership level, you can also receive a complementary subscription to the NZ Property Investors Magazine (value of $119.40).

We are affiliated to the New Zealand Property Investors Federation Inc. who lobby on behalf of members to central government on national issues.


Our monthly offerings include a Speaker Meeting, Real Estate Market Update, Fireside Forum, with more being added.

In addition to the above meetings, we send a fortnightly newsletter detailing any relevant information, event details, and interesting articles.

Additional resources are available to support your journey via our website. There is a lot to know to be successful in property investment. We’re here to assist you and make your journey worthwhile and fulfilling.

Free Landlord Education Course
This year, NZPIF launched an education course to enable landlords to learn the important basics and become recognized as better landlords.

It consists of 13 modules with 12 online tests which can be completed online in a month. A certificate of completion is issued when the last module has been submitted. This course is $300 for non-members.


Each month, we host a Speaker Meeting aimed to inspire and educate our members. Our speakers are mix of leaders in their field, property investors, and inspirational storytellers. Meetings are always lively and packed full of valuable tips and advice.

You’ll also meet like minded investors, be inspired, and gain confidence to develop your portfolio.

Membership Options

We have two options for both individuals and couples/business partners – one includes a subscription to the NZ Property Magazine, and one does not.

You will get access to ALL Member benefits, some of which are detailed below.

Membership subscriptions are for 12 months from date of sign up and include GST. Note we do not charge a joining fee.

Our Constitution can be viewed here. Please read it before you join.

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Our monthly events include a Speaker Meeting, Real Estate Market Update, Fireside Forum, and more. As a member, you get free access to all meetings and more!
If you're interested in attending a meeting before signing up, you're welcome to come to our Monthly Speaker Meeting which is $30 for non-members.